Made in USA or Designed in America – there’s a difference

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Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I’m sure many can relate. Even more so, I love shopping for products that are made in the United States of America. It’s hard, though, to find a real good array of products to cover all of my needs. And I want those throughout the world to benefit from my dollar. There are always going to be ethical arguments for the fair trade movement, but this isn’t that.

The ‘Designed in America’ movement is growing. It’s a problem, and it needs to be addressed.




The truth is – I have no idea where these pants were made. I know they were co-born of time and purpose, and that they were made from the finest quality materials – but where, and by who?

‘Designed in America’ is a clever marketing ploy to take the spotlight away from those who are working hard to keep products ‘Made in America.’ I purchased a pair of shorts today, and it stuck out like a sore thumb when I got home. ‘Designed in America’ most likely involved one individual, maybe two or three at the most. And I’m thankful that their American contributions went towards some nice looking shorts. But ‘Designed in America’ is meant to fool Joe Consumer who sees the word ‘America’ and believes that more than the design resources went into the manufacturing, fulfillment and sustainability of his clothing.

Products Made in America can be found – it does take some digging. Winky&Dutch is proud to manufacture our products here in America. We control our manufacturing process from top-to-bottom, and source materials from our territories as well. Our manufacturing platform is also 100% California Prop 65 compliant, too – so our products are safe to wear and safe if disposed of into the environment. We also remind our customers that we make our products here at home, and we stand behind them.













I’m not telling anyone to avoid something they want to buy, but I do want to remind everyone who may read this that the American consumer is not to be misled – and a campaign of ‘Designed in America’ or ‘Designed in USA’ does just that.

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