Charms, pins and rings! Keep from getting pinched, or from having bad luck with anything from Winky&Dutch

Everyone can use a little extra luck on Monday morning, as #MarchMadness begins AND the day before St.Patricks Day. Shown here are two exclusive Winky&Dutch designs from our archives, that speak directly to the luck needed on Monday morning and St. Patricks Day.      

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Great Minds Have Great Ideas: Winky&Dutch and Pucci

The Tac Pin meets a gorgeous starry night sign of the zodiac.

In early February 2015 Winky&Dutch launched their newest collection of artwork, the Zodiac Constellation Collection. A collection designed to satisfy the desire of stores and consumers for things unique and personally tailored ‘just for them’.  This is more than a specialty to Winky&Dutch its their forte. This collection brings life to the infinite possibilities of the starry night sky in the signs of the zodiac. The signs pair back to the Winky&Dutch core collection of accessories, creating something that, at once becomes, personal treasure or keepsake. Winky&Dutch is confident that keeping your eyes on style and being true to your sign, these stars will point you in a fashion forward direction. Meanwhile, somewhere in Italy….(continued below) On February 28th Peter Dundas, the Creative Director Emilio Pucci, presented their Fall 2015 collection. Described as one that, “explores a glistening starry night, celebrating the symbols of astrology and the unforseen powers they behold.” He believed so passionately in the zodiac for his collection he put elements of the zodiac in nearly every ‘look’, from abstract graphic references and dramatic capes, he even went as far as designing personalized evening gowns for his favorite models. Looks & sounds like a ton of dramatics?  Maybe, but it proves that great creative minds exist everywhere from European designer brands to American-made and designed accessory brands like Winky&Dutch.

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The 1987 Collection (clockwise top right) cufflink knife cross, cuff, razor cuff, bar, camera priced 555 to 555

This collection, pulled from our expansive archive, contains some of our favorite vintage pieces that represent true Winky&Dutch style. The 1987 Collection by Winky&Dutch is tied to our history, deeply rooted in designing and creating classic, American-made accessories that speak to and grow with your personal style. Winky&Dutch style can be yours with this unique collection of tac pins, cufflinks, and charms, but due to their true vintage nature, they are in limited quantities. Buy them for yourself or give them as gifts, but get them before they are gone. Shop and share the collection here.

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TBT: Looking Back at Winky&Dutch in New York Magazine

In June of 1987, New York Magazine listed the best hospitals in NYC on their cover. The Winky&Dutch lamp was editorialized and Winky&Dutch was acknowledged for having 'inventive hands" and for  'putting a playful spin on jewelry and home accessories'.  We can't wait for New York Magazine to see us now.

TBT LOOK BACK: In 1997, big things were happening.  Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Tiger Woods, at 21 became the youngest golfer ever to win the Masters, Madeline Albright became first female Secretary of State, and in NYC, French Brasserie Balthazar opened and would be the hottest reservation in the city to obtain for the next two years.  Over at New York Magazine the June 9, 1997 issue featured the best hospitals in NYC, as well as editorial dedicated to the Winky&Dutch lamp, from our home accessories collection.  Since the beginning we at Winky&Dutch have been known for the inventive, playful, clever and creative approach to designing our products. This has not changed.  We cannot wait for New York Magazine to  see us now.

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Custom&Dutch Is Winky&Dutch + You

The Aviator Wing Pin

Custom&Dutch is the pairing of your brand and everything you poured into it creating & protecting it, with the Winky&Dutch Magic, our classic accessories, and our beautiful cabochons.  Every piece is hand made and /or hand crafted IN THE UNITED STATES, in the state of New York Our solid casting accessories make the perfect choice as a leave-behind for your prospective customers, as an incentive award for hardworking employees or as an offering to all who cherish how “WeWork” when they visit you at your co-working home or elsewhere. Pair the power of your brand with an assortment of key fobs, lapel pins, charm bracelets – with dozens of options, we’d be happy to help you choose. Reasonable pricing, fair turn-a-round times, big-big-big discounts on our design services and low-minimums – We want the world to know Custom&Dutch can be the best tool in the marketing shed – let us prove to you that our products offer an aesthetic with a strategic return on its investment. Major brands across the world have trusted Winky&Dutch as a partner to deliver their branding hallmarks in a creative, fashion-forward deliverable that has form and function built in from the beginning. Contact our Premium Branded Products group at 212-243-1919 or CUSTOM@WINKYDUTCH.COM – connect with us across all social platforms (@WinkyDutch) and ask yourself, “What’s my Winky?” right away!

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“The Shetler Collection” New from Winky&Dutch!


                                We are excited to announce that ShopWinky.com will debut the New “Shetler Collection” on February 1. We discovered hundreds of vintage Preciosa and Swarovski stones in our storage facility, and decided to pair them with some of our refreshed settings. The Shetler Collection is an ode to the matriarch of the Winky Family, Kathleen Shetler-Globus. Her grace, poise and unconventionally good taste has inspired this collection of rings and medallion necklaces. I look forward to seeing these one-of-a-kind pieces on many of you soon!

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Some Good Press from the West


Winky&Dutch and our refreshed manufacturing platform was recently profiled in California Apparel News, an industry-must-read weekly publication found both in-print, and online. The profile specifically highlighted our Made in America commitment and some of the highlights surrounding our restructuring. Check us out in the print article below, and the online article, available here. Thanks so much for the great press!  

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Fresh Updates

 We’ve made some fresh updates to some of our classic work. Check out our album on Facebook. Post by Winky&Dutch.

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