Best New Product of 2019 @ Creativation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   We are excited to announce that Winky&Dutch exhibited at Creativation in Phoenix, Arizona and a panel of judges from various roles within the craft industry named Winky&Dutch’s patent pending machine washable picture buttons as the Best New Product of 2019! Being the first innovation in buttons in over 50 years has really made waves within the fashion industry and DIY/Craft communities!

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Made in USA or Designed in America – there’s a difference


Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I’m sure many can relate. Even more so, I love shopping for products that are made in the United States of America. It’s hard, though, to find a real good array of products to cover all of my needs. And I want those throughout the world to benefit from my dollar. There are always going to be ethical arguments for the fair trade movement, but this isn’t that. The ‘Designed in America’ movement is growing. It’s a problem, and it needs to be addressed.   The truth is – I have no idea where these pants were made. I know they were co-born of time and purpose, and that they were made from the finest quality materials – but where, and by who? ‘Designed in America’ is a clever marketing ploy to take the spotlight away from those who are working hard to keep products ‘Made in America.’ I purchased a pair of shorts today, and it stuck out like a sore thumb when I got home. ‘Designed in America’ most likely involved one individual, maybe two or three at the most. And I’m thankful that their American contributions went towards some nice looking shorts. But ‘Designed in America’ is meant to fool Joe Consumer who sees the word ‘America’ and believes that more than the design resources went into the manufacturing, fulfillment and sustainability of his clothing. Products Made in America can be found – it does take some digging. … Continued

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-Sassy Hired Chloë Sevigny off the street, as an intern credited with discovering her
-Editor staff split between Australia & USA
-Focus: American ten girls who like indie rock

It was January 1996 and thanks to the ‘grunge’ trend, the world of fashion was a drab flannel place.  Other than Betty Rubble becoming a Flintstone Vitamin, there wasn’t much to celebrate in the pop culture centric world of fashion.  But then it happened, Winky&Dutch got Sassy. SASSY was notorious for knowing their readership, what they love to read about, brands they loved to wear, and who they thought was cool.  If there was a zeitgeist happening at this time in history, SASSY was onto it.  SASSY was meant to mirror teen magazine DOLLY of Australia, still in print. Re-purposed bracelets as belly belts, rings, necklaces, button covers, makeup mirrors, strap protectors, charms, and necklaces shown in this editorial were just the tip of the iceberg of the fabulousness available at Winky& Dutch Times always change and fashion changes with it.  Luckily Winky&Dutch has changed too. Changing up our assortment by saying goodbye to products like lamps, makeup mirrors, & button covers, may hurt a bit but this is what allows us to move forward and give a SASSY hello to the future and add newness like tac pins, charms or post earrings. Most importantly Winky&Dutch remembers to keep whats important, our classic accessories are still proudly made in the USA, and just as the slightly hilarious SASSY editorial proves, our accessories and our artwork are timeless and multi functional

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Accessories Magazine Is “Crushing” on Winky&Dutch

Accessories Magazine Item of the Day April 2, 2015 - Winky & Dutch Flowers

Industry experts, Accessories Magazine gave Winky&Dutch (a.k.a. the accessory masters) a very pleasant surprise. Accessories Magazine is “crushing” on a collection of our artwork, the editorial team, selected our flower collection as their April 2nd item of the day, they also used the blooms as a call to action for Mother Nature to deliver Spring 2015, just in case she forgot. We continue to expand our artistic asset library by designing artwork that stands the test of time.  It is our commitment to our customers to provide as many fresh and relevant choices possible for use in our classic American made accessories. We strive to design artwork that stands the test of time.  Meaning, they will look as cool today as they will tomorrow. Every day the editors of Accessories Magazine select their favorite item to showcase on their website, this is no small task.  Huge thank you to the editorial team at Accessories Magazine, you have definitely left us with a Winky&Dutch style smile on our faces.  Have a great weekend!

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Winky&Dutch Throwback Thursday: April 2001

Country Living April 2001 The Flea Market Decorating Issue.

It was April 2001. It was spring. It was “Lifestyle Editorial”. It was Country Living Magazine. It was the Flea Market Decorating Issue, and today is Throwback Thursday The April 2001 issue was dedicated to Flea Market Decorating (isn’t it now called re-purposing?) Under the heading of “Country Classics You Can Buy”, with a sub heading of ‘Retro” Under the latch hook rug, the cat eye glasses, and a toy plane, there it was, our travel themed charm style bracelet, which at the time was available at AlphabetsNYC. The Winky&Dutch Charm Bracelet today, shown above in our newest artwork collection shows that our American made classic accessories are able to stand the test of time. Our artwork allows for countless options to personalize each piece making it unique and stand alone. Check us out at shopwinky.com and let us know what you think. Do you have questions about where to find Winky&Dutch or carrying Winky&Dutch in your store? Contact us here.

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Add That Extra Charm With Winky&Dutch

The Winky&Dutch Charm in a few of the many options from our exclusive artistic asset library.

Need a little extra something? Add that extra charm with Winky&Dutch Adding a Winky&Dutch charm is the easiest way to add that extra “something” to a gift, a backpack zipper, handbag strap, bracelet, necklace or a keychain. Shop our current assortment at shopwinky.com or contact us here or reply to this blog post. Share a little tidbit about yourself, without saying a word, by adding Winky&Dutch Charms or send a message to a special someone by giving a Winky&Dutch Charm.  Sometimes a gift can say a thousand words – and hopefully charm their pants off!  

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  What inspired the new collection? We can only say chalk it up to a state of pride. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, here at Winky&Dutch we are all about our Chalkboard 50 States. Winky&Dutch is very pleased to introduce our most recent addition to our exclusive collection of artwork, The Chalkboard States.  Initially inspired by our obvious pride in making Winky&Dutch products in America, but in addition to that our belief in education.  The expression of the states in chalk is our nod and a thank you to every single educator who strives to empower their students through education.  The diversity and versatility of the combination of our core products when combined with The Fifty States Collection (our largest ever) gives one the ability to make a lifetime of statements on style as well as showing pride in your favorite state. With 50 individual pieces of art in this collection, you should have no problem selecting one piece that fits your needs. Look for the new Chalkboard States collection at shopwinky.com, soon!  If you have ANY questions or thoughts about the collection pieces, please comment here or contact us here                            

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Mix equal parts Winky&Dutch, Entertainment Weekly, Britney Spears, and 100 Hot Gifts and you get, The Winky&Dutch Throwback Thursday MOMENT (a.k.a. #TBT)

Combine equal parts: Winky&Dutch, Entertainment Weekly, Britney Spears, and 100 Hot Gifts and you get, The Winky&Dutch Throwback Thursday MOMENT (a.k.a. #TBT) What: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY NOVEMBER 9, 2001 ISSUE – Cover:  BRITNEY SPEARS, as a teenage sex kitten, & WHAT TO BUY-100 OF THE HOTTEST GIFTS When: November 9, 2001 What: The Winky&Dutch Cufflinks, featuring the image of Betty Page – the original sex kitten. Where: Slot #21 of 100 on Entertainment Weekly’s 100 of the hottest gifts to buy for holiday 2001 While the interview with Britney was riveting, the copy dedicated to the Winky&Dutch cufflinks is the best read ever! Entertainment Weekly editors  loved the cufflinks, referring to them as ‘Kitschy’ in the headline, now we prefer to look at them as timeless, and uniquely personalized to ones own taste. Most importantly,  Entertainment Weekly referred to the cufflinks as, ‘the way to add style to your life tout de suite” then they bestowed Winky&Dutch with the title, The Accessory Masters! Lucky for us, Winky&Dutch still holds the title of Accessory Master and our gorgeous American Made accessories combined with our exclusive Artistic Asset Library, are STILL the way to add style to your life tout de suite.          

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Nothing beats down the woes of a winter that won't let go,  like a bouquet from the garden of Winky&Dutch.  Happy Monday

The Winky&Dutch Monday forecast: Cautious optimism and doubt for the incoming warm beautiful spring weather, due to a slow moving front containing remnants of winter ! We recommend sharing a flower power bouquet from the Art Archives of Winky&Dutch to keep the vibe positive! We can guarantee without doubt SPRING IS COMING! A small bouquet of the flowers from the exclusive and expansive artistic asset library at Winky&Dutch. Guaranteed to keep all things gray at bay!

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TBT: Flashback to August 2001: Girls' Life Magazine shows their readers an easy & affordable way to update basics: PUT A PIN ON IT! The Winky&Dutch tac pin is still the way to go to update any look.

In August 2001, for their Fall Fashion Issue, the editors of GL GIRLS’ LIFE magazine, identified and editorialized Winky&Dutch tac pins as a way to update back to school basics, all year long. Fashion and times move forward and change regularly, sometimes at the speed of light. One thing has stayed the same, as pointed out by GL Magazine, Winky&Dutch was AND is an easy, affordable, and cool way to change a wardrobe basic from flat to fabulous. The more things change, the more they stay the same, is our TBT throwback Thursday mantra as we have made great changes but what really matters has stayed he same.  Winky&Dutch is still loved the world over, and is a high quality product Made In the USA.  The Winky&Dutch artwork continues to give you more choices than anyone in the universe to curate/customize/personalize our unique domed accessories.   Winky&Dutch scours the globe seeking out the coolest artists and designers to create exclusive, fresh, and relevant artwork to our collection of images for you to chose from. Check us out!  Shop & learn about, or contact us at shopwinky.com.  We are always here to help you. Who knows, with any luck, this post could get the attention of the editor of GL Magazine which could lead to seeing us in an upcoming issue of GL Magazine.

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